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Current Area Statistics


Weather Station: Ras Sudr
Date and Time: 23/Apr/2014
Current Wind Speed: 20 kts
Average Wind Speed: 20 kts
Air Temperature: 25.9 °C
Water Temperature: 26.0 °C
Humidity: 40 %
Pressure: 1017.00 hPa
Wind Direction: NW


Welcome To Kitesurfing Village

Kitesurfing Village is a hidden kiteboarding oasis close to Ras Sudr. It is considered to be the best kitesurfing spot in Egypt and one of the best in the world. Once you come here, you will want to come back again, as it is a real kitesurfing paradise with an endless lagoon where you can totally enjoy your riding sessions!   

Steady winds blow almost every day. Kitesurfing Village is peculiar for being the only place in Egypt to offer three natural lagoons with flat and shallow water all in the same spot, a turquoise sea and infinite sandy beaches. This is a real paradise for kitesurfing. Here Mother Nature gifted us riders with a unique place; you won't believe your eyes!


Our kite center is located right on a 7km wide lagoon, tide-dependent. It is situated in the most famous resort of the area: Creative Green Resort****. The center offers a wide range of quality services and, due to its geographical location and geology, the spot all around the lagoon enjoys steady thermal winds almost every day.


Our experienced IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified instructors will make simple and quick lessons for everyone, starting off in this fascinating spot. Whether you wish to just get a taste of this sport or take part in a complete beginner's course or learn advanced tricks we'll be happy to assist you.


Our center will offer you a wide range of the latest equipment: Ocean RodeoCore KitesGenetrixNobile boards, AboardsCarved Boards, Pat Love, are just some of the many brands available for renting and for the courses. Since this is a test center you are more than welcome to try out any of our kites, boards and equipment. We will help you find the kite and board that most suite your tastes, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a pro.

Our Contacts

Fabio Massimo Cantelli
Kitecenter Owner
Whatsapp: +39 393 558 8777
Tel: +20 120 490 2043
Tel: +39 393 5588777
Email: fabio@kitesurfingvillage.com
Simone Giuliani
Kitecenter Manager
Tel: +39 392 670 1237
Email: simone@kitesurfingvillage.com

Seeking For A Job?

Apply Now!!

We are looking for instructors, office workers and assistants!


-English spoken language
-Experience in teaching (if instructor)
-Experience in working in a KiteCenter (if assistant or office job)
-Very friendly and easy going!

-For office work girls are preferred
-Couples are welcome

If you are interested in coming to work in this kitesurfing paradise then